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Embarking on the journey of planning a wedding is always exciting, especially when it involves individuals deeply immersed in the world of weddings themselves.

This is the captivating tale of Rayna and Joe, a dynamic duo who not only share a life but also careers as event planners. As they ventured into the enchanting landscapes of Ireland, this Kentucky couple crafted a wedding that serves as a remarkable case study in the realm of destination weddings.

A journey across continents

Rayna + Joe

Rayna and Joe's destination wedding is a testament to their passion, creativity, and commitment to creating experiences that are unique and personal. As you embark on the journey of planning your destination wedding, let their story inspire you to envision and craft your own unforgettable celebration.

Craft Your Unique Love Story

Rayna and Joe treated their guests to a delightful pre-wedding Afternoon Tea, which was hosted in the Manor House. The event was a joyous experience filled with tasty treats and fascinators, and the picturesque setting provided the perfect backdrop for an impromptu photoshoot.

As the tea cups clinked, an unexpected thrill unfolded on the terrace—a champagne sabering spectacle! The groom's cousin, a talented sommelier, stole the spotlight as she wowed the crowd with a magnum bottle in hand.

This fun and unexpected experience demonstrates how creating memorable moments elevates the entire wedding experience.

The Majors Bar

Afternoon tea

As the reception drew to a close, a distinctive sound began to echo through the air—the maître d'hôtel striking an Edwardian-era dinner gong, signaling the transition to the next chapter of the celebration: a remarkable dinner experience at the Lady Helen, the Michelin-starred restaurant on the property.

A graceful Impact

After the ceremony, guests gathered with Rayna and Joe by the Lily Pond for a spontaneous champagne reception, accompanied by the lively tunes of a 4-piece jazz band. Laughter, clinking glasses, and some spur-of-the-moment dancing filled the air as everyone greeted the newlyweds.

The Lily Pond

Drawing inspiration from the soft peach walls of the Lady Helen, the room was adorned with foraged greenery, fresh fruits, and a floral palette of soft blues and peach. Flower-themed escort cards were designed thoughtfully, each coordinating with the corresponding flower name for each of the guest tables. Paired with deep reds and plum accents, the couple crafted an elegant and sophisticated ambiance that showcased their meticulous attention to detail, aiming for a truly unforgettable culinary experience for their guests.

Floral Tablescape

From monogrammed napkins to custom welcome bags, the entire experience was not only visually stunning but deeply personal.

Personal Touches

Luxurious florals, exquisite stationery, and a dark, romantic ambiance were woven into every detail, creating an atmosphere both lavish and laid-back.


Bubbly warm-up

A bubbly warm-up

In the charming village of Thomastown, nestled in the heart of County Kilkenny, Rayna and Joe spun a whimsical tapestry of moments for their destination wedding.

With Rayna's expertise in event design and Joe's graphic design skills, the couple dreamed up a minimalist theme that featured botanicals and a moody rose garden vibe. The estate's breathtaking surroundings became the perfect canvas for the couple's sought-after aesthetic.

Weekend festivities unfolded amidst a palette of rich jewel tones and antique flair, with Mount Juliet's lush landscapes enhancing every facet of their celebration.

Kilkenny, Ireland

Mount Juliet

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