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Fabrication / Install

A brazen pool transformation for Winstar's Kentucky Derby Gala

Fabrication / Install

A brazen pool transformation for Winstar's Kentucky Derby Gala


“The custom fabrications like the black bars and the step-and-repeat wall truly made our event a night of beauty and sophistication. The pool installation was literally the talk of the evening!”

Brazen Events was tasked with transforming a 1,200 sq. ft. pool for the 2018 Winstar Kentucky Derby Gala at the owners' private home. Picture this: an acrylic-covered space above a softly lit pool, transitioning from an intimate dining area to a lively dance floor.

The challenge? The structure had to defy gravity, supporting over 100,000 lbs. of joyous celebration. Winstar Farms' triumph with Justify in the 2018 Kentucky Derby added an extra jolt of excitement. From concept to reality, Brazen's crew—about 12 strong—turned this wild idea into a spectacular experience.

The cherry on top? It only took us two days to set up this masterpiece, crowned with a large see-through tent, casting a cool aqua glow under the night sky.

lbs. of weight

To ensure our pool installation could handle the weight like a champ, we consulted with several professionals who are experts in their field. We opted for ACRYLITE® sheets (heavy-duty panels measuring 48" x 96" each), for extra load capacity—and we used a whopping 36 of them!

Now, the under structure was no slouch either. Made from extruded aluminum, it was over-engineered to keep the platform perfectly flat and prevent any unwanted vibrations or shifts. Safety first, right? We didn't just stop at load-bearing details; we made sure everything was not only rock-solid but also looked darn good. From safety features to aesthetic touches, we covered all the bases for a secure, stable and stylish event.

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